ISANA Brewing Brewery & Roastery

  • 10 min. by train from JR Tachikawa Station
  • ISANA Brewing Brewery & Roasteryの画像

Taste Akishima’s deep groundwater craft beer

A 3 min. walk from the south exit of Akishima Station, Isana Brewing offers original craft beer and home-roasted coffee.

Several kinds of beer are brewed using Akishima’s delicious deep groundwater, and the coffee is made from carefully selected beans that are roasted in-house. We also have a lineup of meals that go well with both beer and coffee, including appetizers, meats, rice, dishes, and sweets.

Take-out is also available, so you can enjoy delicious beer and snacks or a coffee and sweets in the comfort of your own home.

We have also started selling canned beer that is produced in-house, offering a wide selection of 350ml and 500ml cans.

  • Address: 1F-B Excellence Akishima, 2-7-15 Showa-cho, Akishima city, Tokyo, 196-0015
  • Tel: 042-519-7106
  • Closed: Tuesday lunch, weekdays following holidays
  • URL:

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