AkigawaValley Area

AkigawaValley Area

Enjoy the murmuring of the valley and the idyllic countryside scenery.

From Hinohara-mura Village, the only village in Tokyo (excluding islands), to Akiruno City.
Akigawa-keikoku Valley has a total length of about 20km. There are many sweetfish and yamame trout in the beautiful clear stream. They live in large numbers and are desired by many anglers from all over the country.
Along the valley, there are vast fields and beautiful countryside. The mountain scenery is some of the best Tokyo. Production of high-class Japanese black beef, Akigawa-gyu Beef, and brewing of local sake and soy sauce are common traditional industries of this area. You can also enjoy various gourmet food and drink establishments which rely on the nature of this area, such as breweries, wineries, and beekeeping.

イラスト 鳥
イラスト 枝


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