Mt.Mitake & MitakeValley Area

Mt.Mitake & MitakeValley Area

A sacred mountain where the gods dwell above a beautiful valley

Mt. Mitake-san has been worshiped by people since ancient times.
There has been continuous human activity on the mountain since the Edo period.
It is lined with houses (Shukubo) of Shinto and Buddhist priests, which also served as pilgrim’s lodging houses and meals for visitors to the Musashi-Mitake-jinja Shrine and to tourists.
At the foot of the mountain flows a beautiful clear stream that has been designated as one of Japan's 100 best rivers.
There is a scenic spot called Mitake-keikoku Valley, and there is a sake brewery that produces the famous sake "Sawanoi" made from its beautiful water.
The area is also popular for river activities such as rafting and canoeing.

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