Kabe-Onsen Ume-no-yu

  • Hotspring
  • 30 min. by train from JR Tachikawa Station
  • Kabe-Onsen Ume-no-yuの画像

Open-air bath about 1 min. walk from JR Kabe Station

Ume-no-yu is located on the 5th and 6th floors of the Kabe-Taun Building, just off the north exit of JR Kabe Station.

It is characterized by clear alkaline hot spring water that is moist and smooth, and is also called “hot water for beautiful skin” because after bathing, you will feel as smooth as a baby’s skin.

The baths are located on the 6th floor of the building, with six types of indoor baths and four types of outdoor baths.

The open-air baths are built in the style of a Japanese garden and offer a relaxing experience.

In addition, there is a wide variety of other menu items such as body care, foot care, Korean-style body scrubbing, eyelash extensions, and mugwort steaming (for women only.).

  • Address: 5th and 6th Floors Kabe-Taun Building, 10-8-1 Kabe-machi, Ome city, Tokyo, 198-0036
  • Tel: 0428-20-1026
  • Closed: the third Wednesday
  • Fee: Adults: 880 yen  Elementary school students: 440 yen
  • URL: http://kabeonsen-umenoyu.com/