Kanoto-iwa Rock

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  • 120 min. on foot, by train and bus from JR Tachikawa Station
  • Kanoto-iwa Rockの画像

Rock door leading into the sacred area

Kanoto-iwa Rock is located in Akaizawa, upstream of the Kanoto-gawa River.

Faults dating back 250 million years can be seen in the exposed rock walls, creating a mysterious landscape.

The origin of the name “Kanoto-iwa” dates back to the “Fudoki” (Records of the culture and geography of a province). It is said that the name “Kanoto-iwa” was derived from the sight of large, steep rocks on both banks, which looked like a half-opened door, and that was called “Kanoto-iwa,” meaning “God’s door rock,” because it resembled a gate leading into the land of the gods.

At the end of a rocky path carved into a massive 100m high wall is a small but dignified-looking waterfall.

There, as if time has stopped, a fantastic sight still unfolds, unchanged from when ancient people saw it.