Hinohara Toy Museum Tokyo

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  • 70 min. by train and bus from JR Tachikawa Station
  • Hinohara Toy Museum Tokyoの画像

A toy museum where visitors can feel the warmth of wood.

Hinohara Toy Museumis an experience-based museum that was established in November 2021.

As the name suggests, the museum is located in the forest and is a toy museum that is richly decorated with wood.

The museum was built on the site of the former Kita-hinohara Elementary School in Hinohara-mura Village, which was demolished due to aging in 2019.

The museum was rebuilt on a site that was once a place of learning for children, and most of the building is made of locally produced wood from Hinohara-mura Village.

The museum’s playground equipment and toys are also made of wood.

It is a place where children and adults can return to their childhood memories.